Multiple TOC - duplicate entries




I have a long document that has 4 different TOC.
For the first one I used built-in styles and it work fine.

Then I have a TOC-Tables, a TOC-Figures and a TOC-Picutres. I used TCs for
these 3.
When I generate these TOCs, the TOC-Tables gets Figures entry in it. The
TOC-Figures are all duplicated. Only the TOC Pictures is OK.

Where did I fo wrong?


The TOC-T, -F and -P are generated from the caption labels you used fo
the respective table, figures and pictures, assuming you generate th
Table of Figures (and not the TOC as such). To have different TOcs fo
them you need to assign different caption labels, therefore. I fea
that you didnt apply them consistently.
I suggest to use different styles for each of them anyway also (e
before/after spacing might best be different eg for tables an


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