Multiple Sub form Problem



I have a main form with two subforms. Main form: parts first subform:
items quoted (form in continuous view).

I would like to click in row in first subform (quoted item) and have a
second subform (current prices) appear in main form.

My ultimate goal is then to click a new price box in second subform
and have it update the item in the first subform.


Mike Painter

I think help has an example of this, the Northwind database does, thre are a
lot of examples on the web and almost any book on Access will have a way or
Basically in the onclick event for the first form you want to set the
recordsource for the second.
One way is to have the key for the second forms data be kept in a hidden
field from the first form (=Forms![client company]!classes.Form!classid)
A master child relationship is set between the main form and the second
subform with this field.
No "clicking" is needed.

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