Multiple PTR records for each IP




We' been having problems with our Reverse Lookup Zone, many IP numbers have
multiple PTR records but each IP should only have one PTR record. I have set
the Aging/Scaveging properties to 1 day for the Refresh and No-refresh
interval. The lease time for DHCP clients is 1 day and is set to
automatically update DNS for DHCP clients. Does anyone have a clue why the
old PTR records are not deleted automatically?


Deji Akomolafe

If you set the aging/scavenging and adjusted the lease period after the
fact, you will have to manually initiate the cleanup of the existing old
dupes. You can force this by using dnscmd. I don't have the exact syntax
right now, but I am sure someone here would come up with this shortly.



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I think that I have already done that by right clicking on the DNS server
(using MMC) and selecting "Scavenge Stale Rescource Records". I also tried
dnscmd <servername> /startscavenging but no records were deleted.

Do I have to force aging of the records with "dnscmd /ageallrecords" before
the scavenge of the old records will work? Would that delete all the PTR
records or only the records of the old computers that are not on the network
and are therfore not updating the timestamp of their dns records?


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