Multiple lines of text in a cell



How do you enter multiple lines of text in an Excel cell? (eg "for year of")
so that "for", "year" and "of" are on seperatle lines within the one cell? I
have always used wrap text and then just kept hitting the space bar between
the words in such a way that I achieved this. It was always a problem if I
had to adjust the column width afterwards, then I had to go back to the cell
and adjust the spaces between the words again. I saw a spreadsheet the other
day that had these very words in a cell in such a way that the spacebar was
not used. When you highlight the cell, you can see in the edit line that
"for", "year" and "of" are stacked one on top of each other. I can't tell
from "format cells" how this was done. All that seems to be checked off is
"wrap text". Anyone got the answer to this?


Ken McI



Dave Peterson

Use alt-enter to force the new lines within the cell while you're typing.

If you were using a formula:
="For" & char(10) & "year" & char(10) & "of"

And check that wraptext checkbox that you saw.

alt-enter and =char(10) represent the same character.

If you see a square instead of the wrapping text, then it's time to check that
box once more.

Love to Compute

Hey Ken,
type the first line of text then hit "Alt" & "Enter". This will create a
second line for you to enter text. Repeat until you're done with the entry.
Hope I made sense.

"text line 1" alt enter
"text line 2" alt enter




ALT + Enter will force a line break at the insertion point. It will also
turn on Wrap Text for the cell, if it has not been set already.
It looks weird as you enter text, because it looks likes it doing a weird
drop down thingy... but it all turns out okay when you hit enter...

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