Multiple Google toolbars in Outlook 2007



For some reason I have 6 Google Desktop Toolbars listed in my
Customize-Toolbars dialog box. Checking them adds a small empty toolbar to my
outlook. I thought Google toolbar was only installed in IE. I can uncheck
them so they don'e appear, but I think Outlook still loads the add-in. How
do I get rid of these in Outlook entirely?

Thx for your help, John

Diane Poremsky [MVP]

you'll probably need to remove the google addin - there is one for outlook.


Where do I find the google addin to remove it?

Outlook>>Tools>>Trust Center>>Add-ins lists several Outlook add-ins, but
nothing connected to google. How do I find the google addin to remove it?

Barry Marshall

To remove all of them (20 in my case) I chose view toolbars option then right clicked the top one then deleted it. The next one move up. I repeated the delete confirm process 20 times. Now only one exists.
answer for delete many google toolbars in outlook xp 2003


I have Outlook 2003. I found where the addin manager is located and checked
off the Google toolbar but did not see a way to uninstall it. Hence, I still
have 20 Google toolbars when I click on View and Toolbars. Please help.

Paul Schultz

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