Multiple email accounts in Oulook 2007



I was able to get my Hotmail (Live) to go th Outlook but I have 2 webmail
Outlook accounts I would like to have comning into my Outlook also, as
different email accounts. I have tried all afternoon with no success. Can
someone help?


Do you actually mean you have Outlook Web Access for an Exchange Server?
I somehow doubt it


Web mail is a method of accessing mail on your ISP mail account
Look at your ISP help section for how to configure Outlook Express or
Outlook for that account
then set up the account in Outlook

Brian Tillman [MVP - Outlook]

I am going through webmail--does that make sense?

"Webmail" is, by definition, mail you access via a web browser. Ergo,
anything mailbox you access via Outlook is, by that same definition, NOT
"webmail". Some mail providers such as and provide
mailboxes that are accessible ONLY by using a web browser, unless you pay a
fee to get NON-web access to the mailbox. So, explain what you mean by

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