Multiple Conditional Formatting on Dates



I have a spreadsheet that has promotion eligible dates for about 15 people. I
would like to have the background of the date change to the following colors
for the following circumstances.

At 60 days before the date I need the date to change to yellow to notify to
start processing paperwork.

If the date has passed I need it to turn red.

I can not figure out the correct formula for the cell to do both formats.


JE McGimpsey

Assume the date is in A1:

CF1: Formula is =A1<=TODAY()+60
Format1: <font>/<yellow>

CF2: Formula is =A1<=TODAY()
Format2: <font>/<red>

David Biddulph

Don't you need those the other way round?
If you put the =A1<=TODAY()+60 test first, it will never get to
=A1<=TODAY() in any case that needs it.
I would reverse the order of the 2 tests.

JE McGimpsey

Oops. You're exactly right - I transposed my original criteria to make
it clearer, and pooched it...

Thanks for the correction.

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