Multiple cascading combo boxes all clone each other



I need to record companies and the type of product they sell. Some products
are broken out into a sub-category. For example apparel might be (outerwear,
swimwear, formal, jeans). My companies might look like this

Company A: Footwear - Boots

Company B: Apparel - Outerwear; Apparel - Jeans

Company C: Footwear - Athletic; Apparel - Jeans

Company D: Computer - Software

I made cascading combo boxes so if you choose Footwear in the first cbo,
your only choices in the second cbo will be (athletic, boots, casual,
ress) --- Thanks Martin Green at for the code!

I created a form with six pairs of category/subcategory cbo boxes, since
some companies specialize in multiple products. Each pair is named
differently; cboCategory1 - cboSubCat1, cboCategory2 - cboSubCat2,

My problem is that when I choose one category/subcategory pair, all the
other cbo boxes are filled in with this choice. So If I choose "Outerwear
for the first cboCategory box, all six boxes say "Outerwear" How do I make
sure each combo box pair is isolated from the others?

Access 2003


Jeff Boyce

If the 'other' comboboxes fill with the choice made in the first, there must
be some code running, perhaps in the AfterUpdate event of the first
combobox. Please post that code.


Jeff Boyce
Microsoft Office/Access MVP


Never mind: Brain fart. I don't need to allow for multiple boxes; just fill
out the category and sub-category, then click New Record and I can enter
multiple records.

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