Multilevel list style fix approach



A 50-page document having many contributors, lots of changes, and 5 levels of
outline numbering is now completely whacked. They’ve been using normal style
and the decrease/increase indent on the formatting toolbar; not surprisingly,
the numbering is now in chaos. Here’s what I am wondering as a solution for a
desperate coworker:
1. Add the macro that turns off all the auto numbering to the final draft.
(I learned about this on a previous post.) I see this as a scrubber.

2. Add new paragraph styles for each of the 5 levels.

3. Add a new multilevel list style and attach each level to its related new
paragraph style.

Once this is in place, the coworker would start at the beginning and apply
the proper style for the needed level. Right now they use
Is this the most sensible, time efficient way to deal with this? Is there
anything I am overlooking?

Also, aren’t the indents in the multilevel list really “in charge†of the
letter or number alignment and the text alignment after the tab? If so, then
isn’t it really a matter of creating one paragraph style, with no indentation
for the first line or hanging indents, then saving it with a new name for the
other 4 styles that are needed? The indents and number type for each level
can be set in the new multilevel list style that is attached to the paragraph

I appreciate any sage advice; this is a high-profile, customer facing




(Nothing to do with solving your problem, but the fifth level should
be lower-case roman numerals, so you don't repeat the Arabic numbers
on two different levels.)


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