Multi column sumproduct



I think the sumproduct is the correct formula but I can't get this right. I
am trying to get a total amount of parts though multiple issues as shown

Column g h i j k l m
pears 3 apples 2 oranges 5 bananas 6
oranges 5 bananas 4 apples 8 pears 10

As you can see, each coulmn will not equal the same item. I need the total
of each item for the whole sheet. The information will be updated monthly so
the totals will change. My goal is to, on another spreadsheet within the
same workbook, have the items in column a and the totals in column b. All
help is much appreciated.

T. Valko

Table on Sheet2

Unique items listed on a different sheet starting in cell A2.

Enter this formula in B2 and copy down as needed:



Worked perfectly! Thank you!

Teethless mama said:
Try this:

Sheet 2
criteria start from A2
In B2: =SUMPRODUCT(--(Sheet1!$G$2:$M$300=$A2),Sheet1!$H$2:$N$300)
copy down

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