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Therese G. Maddox

Hi All,

I have created a beautiful multi column sub report. It has 15
columns...(yes I know!!). After fiddling with it, I finally got it to look
the way I wanted it to look.

I looked at the kb article 210044: How to print labels on the left Margin of
a report and it doesn't seem to work for me. So I tried to put the multi
column report in to another report as a sub report to put some labeling on
the side, but since the formatting only shows up in the print preview format,
it doesnt seem to want to work. Even when I put the main report in print
preview, with the sub report (the multi column report with a default view of
print preview), it only shows the sub report in report view. Have I reached
a limitation?



Any ideas?



Duane Hookom

Did you check your link master/child properties to see if more than one
record would be displayed in the subreport based on the linked fields?

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