MSN Messenger 6.1 issue



Logitech Quickcam 3000 pro does not work with MSN Messenger 6.1 and
Windows Messenger

I run WindowsXP SP2 on an AMD 1200 Desktop,
I am using Logitech Quickcam pro 3000 with latest drivers (from
windows.update site:
This webcam works perfectly with
- Yahoo Messenger
- all Logitech applications

It does no work with
- Windows Messenger
- MSN Messenger 6.1

I am puzzled.
What happens is that MSN Messenger can detect it, and make me believe
my Quickcam is properly installed, I can see my face!.
But then, when I want to establish a webcam connection with a friend,
a blue window is shown and no settings can be adjusted.

If I open MSN Messenger 6.1 > Web Camera Settings > a blue screen is
shown on the left side and no settings can be adjusted (in the same
conditions, my laptop instead shows the frame being recorded and i CAN
change all the settings)

If I try to establish a webcam connection, of course, my friend see
nothing and no mirror image of myself is shown (Messenger bottom-right
frame shows a still picture)
In the same conditionm, using my laptop, logitech 3000 pro shows my
face (mirror frame bottom right) and my friend can see me with no
problem at all.

I have tried re-installing Logitech original drivers, no improvements.

I have tried to install Logitech on my Compaq 2800T laptop, winXP SP2,
here webcam works fine with MSN Messenger 6.1, no problem at all!
Drivers are the same:

Please help


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