MSIE pictures and desktop icons distorted on high res laptop under XP Home


Vince C.


I've just bought a Dell Inspiron 6000 with XP Home. When I run Internet
Explorer, images are distorted, pixelized as if they were enlarged by a non
homogenous amount of pixels. The same for menu and tray icons. Resolution is

Start menu icons "Shutdown" and "Logoff" look extremely distorted. The result is
really ugly. However pictures opened in imaging applications look correct. BTW
fonts for menus and 3D items looks larger than ordinary. I cannot reduce menu
and 3D fonts below 21.

If I take a screen cap with MSIE open on a web site that contain pictures and
put the cap into paint I can see how pictures are distorted in IE. So the "zoom"
effect occurs only in IE *and* in the system rendering some icons, bitmaps and

What's going on? How do I set it all up so that pictures in IE are not
distorted? And so with icons aso?

Thanks in advance,
Vince C.

Vince C.

I finally found.

Go to display properties, Parameters, Advanced. In the General tab, select
Normal size (96 ppp) instead of 120 ppp.

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