MSI process in use error


Brian Henry

What would cause a MSI installer to throw this error code? no other MSI
installer tasks are running in task manager at the time

The "task" test file shows that this file could not be deleted.

The error code was 32.
Error code 32 comes up as "The process cannot access the file because it is
being used by another process".


This can happen i guess in cases when you have an earlier
installation that has completed, but required a restart at
the end of it and you have not restarted yet. I am not too
sure about this though.

Carolyn Napier [MSFT]

Is this something that you've noticed in a log file or outside of that? Were
you trying to delete the file? If this was logged in the Windows Installer log
file than it's not uncommon. The installer is usually not able to delete the
working copy of the transform file that it is using during an install (it's
applied to the installation database that is in use as well). Usually the
installer will register the file in its configuration data to attempt a cleanup
at a later point.

The other possibility is that you have a virus scanner that latched onto the

Hope this helps,
- Carolyn Napier
Microsoft Windows Installer Team

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