I have just backed up my whole boot drive using the backup program that
comes with windows xp.

I'm wondering what I would have to do to restore everything if I have a hd
crash? Would restoring all the files make the new hd bootable and in the
same shape as the old one?

Help appreciated.



John John - MVP

The only way to really do this with the NTBackup program is to do it
with the clunky Automated System Recovery (ASR) or to cleanly reinstall
Windows and then do a complete restore which includes the System State
Data. ASR doesn't work with XP Home, you need XP Pro to use ASR.

In my opinion using a disk imaging program is by far an easier and
better bare metal restore solution. I prefer and use Terabyte's Image
for Windows for my imaging and bare metal restore needs. It'a a small,
plain program without any bells and whistles but it works like a charm!
There are many other such programs out there, just do a search and
find one that suits your needs.


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