msaccess.exe stuck in task manager after closing access2003



Backgroun info:

14 HP nc6320 notebooks
Windows XP-Pro SP2
MS Office 2003 (SP3)
Credential Manager & Fingerprint Software v2.50 Rev.H
ProtectTools Security Manager v3.00 Rev. A

Here's my situation, I have an Access 2003 database on a network server that
each of

these laptops accesses. Each user has a shortcut to the front-end which
asks them

to login and select one of two functions. After choosing a function

it intializes background processes over the network to the backend database.
In the

bottom left hand corner of the Access window is the status bar which says

"Calculizing" and then it says "Form View." Normally this process takes all

about 5 seconds from when it says "Calculizing" to "Form View." When they are

finished using their forms, they close down Access and there are no problems.

Last week I installed the latest versions of Credential Manager and

Now when my users are logged into CM and they open the Access DB, the status

will say it is "Calculizing..." for upwards of 45 seconds before going to
the "Form

View" staus. The functionality and integrity of the databse appear to be

but when they are finished and close Access the Windows Task Manager still

"MSACCESS.exe" active in the Processes tab. We cannot reopen the database
unless we

manually shutdown the process.

What i have noticed is if I log them out of CM before opening the Access DB,
it only

takes 5 secs to Calculate and it closes normally without leaving a ghost

If i leave them logged into CM it takes 45 seconds and leaves a ghost

I cannot ask them to log out of CM everytime they want to access the DB
because of

their fingerprint scanning functions, but i also cannot have them having to
wait so

long to initialize the forms and being forced to manually shutdown the


I have tried everything and i have come up with no viable solutions. Can

please help me. There has to be some kind of background security when CM is

in that is prohibiting/slowing down Access and is not allowing the process
to close.


They had me downgrade to the previous versions and test it again. Still no
improvement. Then they tossed me back and forth to multiple "specialists"
before coming to the conclusion that as long as the fingerprint scanner
software is allowing them to log into Windows and is not returning any error
messages, that the problem lies with MS Access and not them and that i should
contact Microsoft Technical Support. Extremely helpful if you ask me. And
now i am here and i'm guessing Microsoft Technical support will tell me that
if Access is working and i know the problem is with the HP updates that i
should contact HP technical support

Bob I

You aren't talking to MS tech support, just a peer to peer user
newsgroup. So IF you remove ProtectTools Security Manager v3.00 Rev. A
and Credential Manager & Fingerprint Software v2.50 Rev.H the problem
goes away? And IF you install the latest version, it hoses MS Access? If
that is correct, then the issue is the software that was last
installed. Since the productivity software is what the computer is
about, then the non essential software will be replaced with something
that doesn't break the productivity software. For instance many norton
a-v softwares have been removed due to productivity issues, and they are
driven to fix the problem. If MS was to "fix" MS Access to prevent the
interfering software from being installed then the vendor wants to sue.
But if the user tells them that their software is bad, then they need to
respond if they want to sell their security software.

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