MS Word Starting When Starting Windows



I have Windows XP and MS Office XP (2003) loaded on my PC. Whenever I boot
up the PC, 3 sessions of MS Word open - 2 sessions have a new (blank)
document open, and the 3rd session just shows Word as being open (no new

I went to Documents and Settings | Application Data | Microsoft | Word |
Startup to see if there was anything in the folder prompting Word to open
the 3 sessions. The folder was empty.

I then clicked Start | Run | msconfig | Enter to see if Winword.exe is
in the Startup folder. I thought I might see it in there 3 times – one for
each of the Word sessions that are opening whenever I boot up the PC.
Strangely enough, Winword.exe wasn’t in the Startup folder at all – not even

I then performed a search for Winword.exe on my hard drive. What I found
are the following two instances, but I'm sure these are not causing the three
Word sessions to open.

WINWORD8.DOC located in C:\WINDOWS\ShellNew
WINWORD.EXE located in C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\OFFICE11

How can I put an end to Word opening up these sessions when booting up the

I posted this problem to the Word newsgroup, but they were unable to help
and suggested I post to the Windows newsgroup.

Any suggestions on how I can stop Word from opening these three sessions
would be greatly appreciated.


Hi Don,

I did check where you suggested and I found the following apps; none of
which would initate 3 sessions of MS Word.

Quicken Scheduled Update
Compaq Connections
Micrsoft Office
Acrobat Assistant

I'm open to any other suggestions.



I deleted and that took care of the problem.

Thank you so much for your assistance.

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