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Do you get a banner that asks you if you want to install the camera control?

Also, are you sure you're not running 64-bit IE?


It's a dual core 32 bit processor
No banner to install camera, I don't get a banner when I'm using the xp
machine, never had got one.

Jane C

Hello Dave,

In order to get the AXIS ActiveX control installed to view the camera, you
will need to run IE elevated. Right-click on Internet Explorer shortcut in
the Start menu, select Run as Administrator. Visit the site and install the
ActiveX control. Once that is done, you can then close out IE, and return
to the site later in the normal manner (unelevated). You don't need to turn
Protected Mode off, or to have the site in the Trusted Sites list.

BTW, it's an excellent quality camera feed.


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