MS Plus for XP widescreen screen saver display problem.



Please help. I just purchased a new Dell 8600 laptop
(with widescreen display) for my wife. I installed
Microsoft Plus for Windows XP and all the screen savers
were working fine on the 40 gig hard drive that came with
the laptop from Dell (along with the pre-installed
softwares and drivers). All of the screen savers from
Plus has the 1680x1050 under the automatic screen size
selection section. When I upgrade my hard drive with a
60 gig hard drive from Dell today, the only screen saver
from Plus working is the Aquarium one. It's the only one
that has the 1680x1050 at 32bits option under the screen
size selection section. I have updated all the video
drivers on the dell website for the Nvidia Go5200 64mb
video card that came with the laptop, because it's not
listed on the Nvida site. I don't know why it would work
on the hard drive that came with the Dell Laptop (from
Dell), and not work on the hard drive upgrade (sent by
Dell). I would appreciate any help in this matter.
Please email me at (e-mail address removed) if anyone has a
solution to this problem. Thank you.

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