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I'm looking at buying a new laptop which will run Windows 7. It comes with
MS "Home and Student" 2007 Office. I realize that this only includes Word,
PowerPoint, Excel, and One Note. I can live with my older version of Access
2002 and do not use Outlook anyway. I've been to the MS website but did not
find the answer to my question below.

My question is that I read that some versions of the Office Suite are
crippled in their components. But I no longer recall if this applied to the
"Home and Student" versions or some of the trial versions, or something
else. Are the Word, Excel, etc. included in the "Home and Student" versions
identical to those in the standard Office suites or do they have reduced





JoAnn Paules

They are the same. Word/Excel/etc is Word/Excel/etc regardless of the
edition you purchase.

Jay Freedman

The features of the applications in Home & Student are identical to
those in the other editions. The differences are in the licensing --
Home & Student allows more installations than the others, and it's
licensed only for non-commercial use (to remind you of the latter,
that phrase appears in the title bar).

Jay Freedman
Microsoft Word MVP
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