MS EXCEL - To supress warning messages created by Anlysis ToolPak


Niyaz Rasheed


I have been creating a MS ACESS Application, whose final output will be an
excel sheet having a histogram in it ( created using analysis toolPak add ins

I have suppressed all the warning messages created by excel using
Application.DisplayAlerts = False

But I am unable to suppress the messages created by analysis toolPak Add
INS macro for “Histogramâ€

Do you have any solution for this? It will be of great help.

Application.DisplayAlerts = False
"ATPVBAEN.XLA!Histogram"ActiveSheet.Range("$B$3:$B$10002") _
, ActiveSheet.Range("$E$3:$F$104"), , False, False, True, False
Application.DisplayAlerts = True

The messages that I got were

1) Histogram – Output range will overwrite the existing data. Press OK to
overwrite data in range
2) Histogram – some data will be hidden by embedded chart(s)

Thanks & Regards,
Niyaz .R



Andy Pope

Clear the range ActiveSheet.Range("$E$3:$F$104")
before executing the Application.Run command.


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