MS does not help us remotely install patches :(

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Patch RPC on remote machines MS HELP US

I have the job like many many others to
deploy patches to windows machines, yes
I use windows auto update its great.
But how about the deployment of a single
patch like this last RPC one.
MS dosen`t have a tool to help us in remote
deploying such patches?????????????????????
I am trying using psexec and many other ways
unfortunally I have not succed yet,
anyobody can help me?
This didn`t help:

The kb823980Scan is nice, but why not make
a scanner and also a way to patch remote computers!!!

Oli Restorick [MVP]

Have you come across Microsoft Software Update Services?

It's not the answer to world peace (yet), but it helps.



Sure have,
But it does not allow remote deployment of patches.
Like I said, windows auto updates is great, but
how but the installation of a single patch remotely?

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