MS Access 2010 runt time version



I heard that MS Access 2010 run time version is free.
If so, I can deploy my applications to my users using run time version
that my users may use MS Access run time version to run my
applications or my users still need purchase the license.

Am I right?

Your information is great appreciated,

Access Developer

Microsoft's own details and download are at:

You are correct that the users to whom you distribute your database with the
runtime, or to whom you distribute your database and a hyperlink to the
above page, are NOT required to have Access itself installed, or a license
for the runtime.

I googled on "Microsoft Access 2010 runtime". Caution: note that there is a
Service Pack for the Access 2010 runtime -- be sure to read about that,
also. A link will show up in Google's search resuts.

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