MRU list - entries keep changing



The Recently Used Files list in Office apps is behaving oddly. The number of
items in the list fluctuates from day to day. Yesterday several files were
opened in Excel, but today there are no files in the list even though it's
still set at the default to display 4. I know the settings can be different
depending on which product you are in and what the MRU is set at for that
product, but this is within the same office product with no changes to the
MRU setting.

I've had a couple of staff report this issue but haven't found a resolution.
We are using office xp SP3.


I verified with the person having this problem that they didn't use TweakUI.
They didn't even know what it is. There is no group policy for this and
staff is setup as powerusers so they don't have rights to make these changes.
I eliminated all the possible causes in the link provided.

What is happening is that while she is excel for the day, the MRU is working
fine. When she turns the pc off for the night, in the morning when she
starts the pc, the MRU is empty. Any documents she works on during the day
appear in the MRU but the next day they are gone again after shutting down
for the night. They also disappear if she reboots during the workday.

Any ideas why this list disappears everytime the pc is rebooted?

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