MP3 cd to a music CD question.



I have a CD that has all the songs on it in MP3 format. I would like to
convert these MP3 songs to a music CD format that will play on my cars CD
player. The CD that has MP3 songs will not play on the cars player. What do
I need to do to get these MP3's to copy to a normal CD so I can play them.
Thanks a lot for your help.

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Windows Media Player will do the trick. For more info look at Help and
Support in Start Menu. Also, look at WMP and check-out the "Burn" option.

The C. [MS MVP]

Check out Roxio 2009 Ultimate at (Not free but really nice and easy
to use).
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Another possibility is Express Burn at the link below. There's a free
version that's available that should do the job and it's a smaller package.
NCH's suite is made up of standalone programs rather than a large
collective. A caveat: a few burners might not be compatible with the
program, although it works with all Windows version through Vista.

While Roxio and Nero are both pretty good products they are costly (compared
to Free).

David B.

Likely because your cars CD player can't handle CD-R disks, many older ones


njnitehawk said:
this might be a repeat but here goes

why is it after a burn od a cd either by media player or itunes

that the cd does not play in the car


p.s. and old cd(s) do work in the car???

The burning program usually asks if you are going to play in your auto or home stereo, question is how old is the auto player? most newer ones will handle MP3 cd's I have a twenty year old Marantz home unit that will play all Cd's as long as they are closed out properly. I did have a older Blaupunkt that didn't play some of the CD's, but I changed the settings before burning and that cured it

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