MP10 moving my downloaded files to "Unknown Artist" folder



Int he Library all my music is filed correctly with Artist, Album & Track
names but despite me saving the files in the correct Artist folder, it moves
them into Unknown Artist after a short while.
However many times I move them around, they keep coming back to Unknown
Artist. But they are in folders of the correct Album Title.
I've tried getting Album Info but it doesn't move them back out of Unknown
Sometimes it does this with only one or two tracks off an album when all the
rest of the tracks are stored correctly.
Have searched the web & not found any solutions I understood - clearly
something to do with ensuring the Tag Info is correct but editing it doesn't
seem to have much effect.
Can anyone help me please????

(PS these are "paid for" downloads - not shared files)

Dennis Marks

Check tools/options/library and be sure that "Rearrange music..." is


I had rearrange music turned on to start with, but have had it turned off for
a while...

But thanks - your reply prompted me to turn it back on, get album
information and it moved the files into the correct directory having got the
album info - so that's what I need to do - get the album info for any files
it puts into Unknown artist in order to confirm to MP what album they're
actually from!


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