moving the cursor in a macro



How do I move up one cell from where the cursor is in a macro (which could be
a random location in a workbook).
I don't want the cursor to be in a fixed location.
For example, if the cursor was in A4 before I run the macro. I want the
macro to move the cursor to A3. If the cursor was in B12 before I run the
macro, I want the cursor to move to B11.

p.s. I've tried using the arrow key as well as Shift Enter neither works.




JE McGimpsey

the macro recorder only records the results of your actions, not the
steps or keypresses.

One way:

Put this in as the first lines of your macro:

With ActiveCell
If .Row = 1 Then Exit Sub
.Offset(-1, 0).Activate
End With

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