Moving macros from Word 2003 to Word 2007


Daniel Schaffer

I use Word 2003 on my desktop, but my employer has installed Word 2007 on
our office machines. Can I move the macros I've constructed from one program
to the other? I have read Graham Mayor's "Idiots' Guide to Installing
Macros", but am not clear that a Word 2003 macro will work when installed in
Word 2007.

Thanks in advance for help.

Dan S

Graham Mayor

They can certainly be moved, but without knowing what is in the macros it is
difficult to say whether they will work or not. Most macros 2003 macros
should work in 2007, but some, especially those that use autotext will need
some refining. There are other functions too that have been added and
removed in Word 2007, so it's a question of suck it and see - and if you
have problems that you can't resolve ask them in the vba forum.

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