moving forest / domain



Hi All,

I have been tasked with building a win2k active directory Citrix farm.

This new farm is required to be in its own domain for organizational

My problem is this : I have to build this AD domain and farm offsite
in a building that has no comms to the outside world and so cannot see
the forest it will eventually join.

So, how do I build this domain and then join it to an existing forest
at a later stage?

Also, if I have to build my own DNS/WINS infrastructure, how would I
integrate these into the existing forest DNS/WINS infrastructure?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.. I have one month to build a 24
server blade farm, test and deploy.

Many thanks in advance,

Brianos :blush:)





Many thanks for your assistance...keep up the good work!

best regards, Brianos

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