Moving BCM to new computer



When I moved my information to a new computer, no contacts appear in my
Buseiness Contacts folder. The contacts in my other folders (Contacts,
Personal, etc.) did move over.
I did not import/expoert. I simply copied the Outlook and Business Manager
folders from my hard drive (Local Settings / Application Data / Microsoft /
Business Contact Manager & LS / AD / M / Outlook) to my new computer.

I am using Office 2003 Pro on both systems. (The original system is running
XP Pro service pack 1, & the new machine is using XP Pro w/service pack 2.
I'm not sure if that makes a difference.)

What did I do wrong? I would like to retain all the history, etc.
information connected with the contacts I had in the Busness Contacts folder
on my old computer.

Also, the original db files from my first computer are
"MSBusinessContactManager.ldf" and ".mdf" while on my new computer they are
"MSBusinessContactManager2.ldf" and "mdf". I copied the original files into
the Business Contacts folder on my new computer so I now have 2 sets of files
there. Both versions of each file extention are the same size, so I'm
confused as to where the original data is actually stored.

I went to Control Panel / Mail SetUp / Data files and only the new version
shows up (MSBCM2) so I can't even try to link to the version I copied over.

Help! I have been trying to figure this out for the last two weeks and am
really frustrated.

Thanks in advance.


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