movie maker 2.1



im having trouble with my movie maker. i take videos with my digital camera,
and then i convert them from .MOV files to either .AVI or .WMV or .MPEG
files. and whenever i get past 50 seconds in length in my movie maker has an
error and has to close. whats up with that?

John Inzer

MattArmy said:
I am having the same problem. Every time I have made any kind of
movie (the ones with video are more likely to do this) I get an error
and the movie maker closes. I have tried downloading movie maker and
reinstalling it but nothing helps. I have been making movies for
months for my company in the Army and I have almost given up on movie
maker. Please help if someone knows the answer to this problem or
better programs to use!
Maybe the following article will offer some ideas:

Movie Maker 2 Crashes and Hangs


John Inzer
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