move to cells automatically by using tab button



good day
firstlt i ave a sheet with 12374 cells which i have condition formated to
change cell colour for value between a certain number.these cells are
scattered across the page .how can i jump to them automatically.for example
ii should press tab it must go to the next cell containing format and if i
press tab again it must go to next cell it registers that have a codion
format and so on.instead of me scrolling looking for cell colour changes
thanks for the help



L. Howard Kittle

One way is to name the cell range. Might be a large task given the 12k plus

Start with the second cell of the sequence and while holding down the Ctrl
key select each cell until you are back to the FIRST cell. Click in the
name box ad enter a suitable name, then Enter.

So now when you want to cruise through those cells, you click on the name
box arrow and select the named range and all those cells will be
highlighted. Now Tab away. If you know you have a long way to go to get to
a certain cell you can hold the TAB key down and you will zip pretty fast
through the cells.

It may be you will want to have several named ranges depending on certain
data or what ever.


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