Move Event Log



I have a system with one EWF protected CF Card. I want to move the Event Log
Files to another computer on the network to save them over restard.
I changed the Reg Keys for all three Event Logs llike this:
File = "Y:\AppEvent.Evt"
Y: is a mapped network drive with Full Access for everyone.
When I restard the pc and look into the Event Viewer I get thismessage:
"Unable to complete the operation on "Application". A required privilege is
not held by the client."

Is it not possible to move the Event Log files over network? Or is there a
special component in the database nedded?


"Unable to complete the operation on "Application". A required privilege
not held by the client."
this means the mapped network disk may be need password to access.

Thomas Johansen

Perhaps its because the event log service is launched before any network
services (Security, user etc) ??!??


Yes, but is there a way to start event log service after networking?

Or other solutions, is there another way to save eventlog files over reboot
without an unprotected drive ? Maybe there is a third party appl. or an easy
to write self made appl.
I think there must be other people with the same problem.


My understanding is that mapped drives are stored for each logon session and
therefor any service that runs under a LocalSystem account or under a local
user account can only access mapped drives that the service creates. .

You can use UNC path as workaround

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