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my organization is finishing up a migration from NT 4.0 domain to
Windows 2000 AD. one of the few remaining steps is to bring the DCHP
server online in the new domain. (our current dhcp server is a BDC
from the NT 4.0 domain.) we have approximately 600 workstations
pulling from the current DHCP server that consist of 2000 pro/xp pro
operating systems. everything is configured and ready to go. i have a
couple of questions about what exactly is going to happen when i go
live with this. first, will the workstations automatically detect the
new dhcp server when they need to refresh or renew their lease?
second, i want to use the same scope as the old domain. aside from
reserving 600 addresses, is there anyway to prevent the same address
from being used by 2 different clients? (to clarify that ?, can i
prevent each server from handing out the same ip addy to seperate

let me know if you need more info about this situation. i appreciate
everyone's help in advance.

Ryan A. Fowler, MCSE
Network Administrator
Tuomey Healthcare System



Marc Reynolds [MSFT]


You can move the scope from the NT DHCP server to the Windows 2000 DHCP
server followingthe steps in this KB:

325473 HOW TO: Move a DHCP Database to a Computer That Is Running Windows

The clients should try to renew against the old server and when they don't
get a response, they will do a DHCPdiscover and get an IP from the new DHCP

Marc Reynolds
Microsoft Technical Support

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