move contents of column C based on criteria related to column A



After exporting a MSProject gantt chart into excel, I need to move/copy
contents of column c (Task) into columns to the right based on Outline Level
in column A. Example: Outline Level=1 in column D/L1, Outline Level=2 in
column E/L2. I wrote an IF statement to do this but the text copied into the
L1-8 columns cuts off because the columns are not very wide and there are
formulas in each.

Level" ID Task L1 L2 L3 L4 L5 L6 L7 L8
1 1078 Test
2 3487 Input
3 8873 IT work
4 8737 Enhance
5 3483 Train
6 7483 Review
7 8473 Reallocate
8 7483 Finished

Dave Peterson

Can't you just widen the columns?

If you can put formulas in D2 to K2, you can try this:

In D2:
and drag across to column K

Then select D2:K2 and drag down as far as you need.


We have been manually sorting by Outline Level and cutting and pasting 1's in
col D, 2's in col E, etc. By moving the data the text in a cell "lays over"
the empty cells. This keeps the spreadsheet a manageable size. I think I
need a macro similar to the one shown below, except it should move column C
based on the number specified in col A (Outline Level) which is 1-8.

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