mouse over to change images



In Frontpage- On mouse over I want to change the image. eg:
Both images are the same but one has text on it so when the webpage is open
the plain image appears and when I put the mouse over the image has text
written on it.



Here is one method which I have used quite a lot.

Place one picture where you want to on your page.
Create a transparent gif image (photshop, corel paint, etc) make it VERY small
Place a layer over the picture and insert the small gif
Strech the gof to fit just over the picture
Use onMouseOver to swap the picture for another one of the same size.

The second picture will have words on. There will be better ways to do this
but this simple one works for me.
Here are some samples (hover over the pictures)

PS - I know "very" little about websites so it really is simple.

Or - just create thumnail of any size an use the mouseOver swap picture on
that - just an idea

Good luck

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