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I am using Front page 2003, I have used "behaviors" on one of my web
pages to swap a small image and make it larger. However, When I mouse over
the small image, it does not enlargen., It just stays the same, and seems
to change a little, but does not enlarge. I am definately swapping a Large
image for the small image in behaviors. And I have set my "mousein " and
mouse out correctly. So when the mouse goes over the image it should enlarge,
but it does not.
Why isn't the image enlarging please. Thankyou, Rick


Can't tell without seeing the code - a link to a faulty page will help.
As a guess - are you replacing the small image with the large one? If
so, it is probably working as designed - the larger image will take on
the same width and height as the small image. You must specify a
*different* image to swap when hovering over the thumbnail, or also
change the dimensions.

The following links may help:

(the last link uses a different technique to behaviours to display the
large image, but the method is not explained in the page.)


Here is the web address:

The problem is that the "mouseove" routine created using Behaviors in
Frontpage 2003, does not work, the small picture is supposed to be swapped
and replaced by the larger image when I move my mouse over the small picture.
By the way, its very interesting, but it works perfectly when I run the
website FROM MY OWN COMPUTER HERE, but it doesn't work on the internet. I
am using Internet explorer 6.0 or 6.1. Thankyou very much.



The swap is working on the first 3 images - I have not tested the
As I said, the larger image is being displayed with the same dimensions
as the smaller images. Try mixing the images (as a test) example set
sample10small.gif to swap with DAVID18.GIF so you can see the change
taking place.

One solution is to place a large transparent .gif in a layer to the
right of the order button, and use behaviours to - onmouseover
1) make the layer visible
2) Swap the transparent gif with the large image.
Hide the layer
Ron Symonds - Microsoft MVP (Expression)
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Thankyou for your help, You mentioned the swap is working on the internet
with the first 3 images, I just went on now, to the internet, to my site,
and the swap is not working for any of the images, they are not getting
larger on mouse over.
I am using Internet Explorer 6, What Browser are you using, could it be
a browser problem. Why are you seeing the "swap" but I'm not seeing the
Anyway, I will try swapping with the DAVID image, and see what happens.
Can you guide me a little further till this is fixed, its so frustrating,
if it doesn't work, I will use y our "transparent" solution, but I have
no idea, how to do it, can you guide me step by step through the Front Page
process. Thankyou appreciate your help, Ric


The images will NOT get larger. They are the larger images, but they
use the same dimensions (width and height) as the smaller images.

I simply checked the properties of the image by placing the mouse over
the image, right click and choose properties. This shows the URL to the
LARGE image. Repeat this with JavaScript disabled (to prevent the
swapping) and this shows the URL to the SMALL image. The image swaps DO
work, but they are not what you need. The LARGE image will always be
rendered at the same size as the SMALL image, unless you also change the
width and height attributes as well.

To start you off with the layers, see
with a working example at
though I suspect that the method used in
will be better for your site.
Ron Symonds - Microsoft MVP (Expression)
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Hi Ronx,

Thankyou, can you please tell me how to change the "Width and Height"
I don't understand. I have a small thumbnail image, and a larger image of
the thumbnail. In Frontpage 2003 , the behavior effect says it will swap
the large image for the smaller image on mouse over. So I don't understand
about the width and heigh attributes, the larger picture already has a
larger dimension than the smaller image, isn't that the width and heigh ?
If you can just explain how to further change the width and height I will do
it now, and then retry and upload the page again. Can you guide me further
please just a little longer till I solve this mystsery please, so my web page
will work. Thankyou, Ric


Can you explain to me how I can use Layers to do a Gallery of say 4 or 5
small thumbnail images, and then 1 Large Picture Window. So each time I
would mouseover a small image it would be represented in the Larger Picture
Window. Can you explain step by step how to do this with layers please. The
large picture window would be on upper left top side, and the smaller thumb
nails would run in a column vertical to the right of the large Picture
window. Please can you help me finish this. Thankyou, Ric


thankyou, but I cannot follow the instructions at all on the link you gave
me, they are too complicated. I'm a total beginner. Can you just send me
a link to the actual script that I can copy and paste into a brand new web

I do not know how to edit all of these tags and things, is it possible just
to send the entire script to copy and paste. I cannot follow the
instructions at all.
thankyou, Ric

Can I just send you my website page, it is just 1 page, can you then put
the script on the page and send back to me. Thankyou


I suggest you look for a ready made photogallery such as Jalbum

The "script" comes in many parts, like a recipe for a cake - it can't
just be copied into a page, the page has to be built with all the

If this is too complicated for you, then you need a professional to do
the job.
Ron Symonds - Microsoft MVP (Expression)
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