Mouse cursor freezes but focus moves on Vista Ultimate x64


Jan Wikholm


I was wondering if anyone had stumbled on the following problem or maybe had
ideas on how to remedy this situation:

Twice now my mouse cursor (the actual icon) has frozen at some point on the
screen but when I move my physical mouse Windows reacts as tho' everything
is normal. This means that when I press the Ctrl key with "Show mouse
position when I press ctrl" option checked the "mouse" moves around
normally. Also when I hover the invisible focus point over a link the cursor
turns to the hand icon, even tho' the actual icon is still in the same spot.

The only anomaly to this has been when I move the focus point over the
border of a window (the icon becomes the <-> icon of resizing) and I press
down the left mouse button and the icon actually gets drawn in the proper
place whilst I am holding down the button + resizing the window. But as soon
as I let go of the left mouse button the icon gets drawn in the same
position it was previously.

Both times I have had to reboot my Windows in order to get it working
properly (a logout-login didn't work, and there is no "restart X" on Windows
;-). I have also tried switching resolutions (*shrug* it has to do with
drawing the image, so I thought it might work).

Some specs on my setup:
Vista Ultimate x64
Asus P5K Pro motherboard
nVidia 8600 GTS graphics card
Logitech MX510 mouse

I have all the updates from Windows Update + hardware drivers for Asus and
nVidia. Logitech's pages say they use native drivers in Vista.


Jan Wikholm


Sorry I can't help, but your not alone, I have the exact same problem. I have
a similar system too. vista ultimate x64, asus p5kc and 8800gt.


I can't help either. This problem started with an apparent "failure" of the
mouse--it worked sporadically. Checking USB devices, showed that all was
"OK". Since then I have given up on the external mouse, but now there are
problems even when I use the built-in mouse. My system freezes, though the
mouse pointer can be moved, and I have to shut down and restart.


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