Monitor refresh rate?



Last week outta nowhere my LCD Viewmaster monitor started turning itself
off during operation (using XP). At the time turning it off then on
again would bring it back to life, however on Friday that option
stopped working. The screen would display for a microsecond in full
colour, clear as day, then go black. Looking at the screen close up I
can make out some of my icons and wallpaper but on the whole it's was
super dark and unworkable.

Getting my hands on an old CRT monitor didn't help - when windows
booted the monitor would turn itself off into standby mode - I was
unable to even alter settings as nothing could be seen at all.

I took it to a local PC repair place and they installed some service
packs or something and it works now on the CRT but not my LCD. I called
them up and they said that I need to change the refresh rate in Display
properties but when I go into display properties the option isn't there
- it's all greyed out.

Monitor type comes up as default monitor, and in Device Manager there
are no monitor controllers listed.

I am at a loss and don't want to format / reinstall if it means neither
monitor will work again.

Any and all help is very appreciated as this is the first problem i've
encountered since buying this PC 2 1/2 years ago.


I am not aware of how an inappropriate refresh rate would result in a
black screen.

Try SAFE MODE. If that fails I'd say you have a hardware issue (i.e.
bad monitor).

Bob I

Sound like you need the correct drivers for the video card that is in
the PC, as the one thats being used is not right. They can be downloaded
from the video card manufacturers web site.

Mike Hall \(MS-MVP\)

Your LCD monitor was probably supplied with software.. look for the CD and
load the appropriate drivers from the media.. alternatively, go to the LCD
manufacturer website and obtain service and support from them directly..

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