Monitor -- how to find ppi



I have a laptop with a monitor that I like. It displays fonts and programs and dialog boxes that are large enough for me to
see. It's 5 years old. I think the resolution is lower than many of the newer monitors. I want to find out what the
resolution / ppi is, so that I can try to find a monitor with the same resolution / ppi for my desktop computer.

I've looked through display properties, monitor settings, and Sony's information about this computer. I cannot find the
monitor's resolution or how many pixels per inch it has.

Please tell me how to find out that information.

Lady Dungeness
Crabby, but Great Legs!


What you really need is the resolution that the current video adapter is set
for if the monitor is displaying text clearly for you. To find the set
resolution, right click a blank area on your desktop. Click Properties then
the setting tab. The current display resolution will show in the Screen
resolution area about 2/3 of the way down the window that opens.

The larger the replacement monitor is, the more the resolution can be
increased to make the images the same size on the screen. If you purchase a
LCD monitor, they have for want of a better term (native resolution), a
sweet spot of resolution that gives the clearest image and that will be in
the product literature. CRT monitors don't have the same issue.

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