Monitor doen't turn off Screensaver is ok



In the power Options settings I have the monitor set to turn off after 20
minutes. I have the screensaver set to wait 10 minutes. The screensaver
comes on in 10 minutes and then after 20 minutes the monitor doesn't turn off
but the screensaver stops and the Windows XP Welcome Page to sign in is
displayed. I;m not sure what changed to cause this. It was ok until a
couple of days ago.


I tried this for two different restore points and when the computer restarted
there was a message that said the restore points could not be restored.


Try System Restore in Safe Mode.

If no joy, run sfc /scannow from an Admin Command Prompt and see if that
resolves the issue.


Thanks for the replies.

I tried System Restore in Safe Mode and I turned off all of the security and
virus protections and it still wouldn't restore. I've tried 4 different
restore points. When I tried it in Safe Mode it took a lot longer. The
progress bar was there and it looked like it was working until the computer
restarted. Then it came up with the same message saying that System Restore
didn't restore anything.

I did finally fix the Monitor Turning Off problem. I went into the Device
Manager and found the Display Adapters were disabled...?? I enabled them and
then the monitor turned off ok. I haven't tried the System Restore since and
I probably won't until I need to.

I tried running sfc /scannow but when it said to insert the XP cd it didn't
seem to find the file it was looking for. It kept saying insert the cd and
retry. It was the XP cd that came with the Computer when I got it. The
computer is a Dell Dimension XPS with 1gb RAM and 3ghz processor.


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