Monitor Blank Out!!! HELP~

Nov 15, 2011
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My desktop already use for 3 years, but about 8 month ago my monitor start blank out, after turn off and turn on the cpu, cpu is running but monitor still remain blank, but after turn off and turn on cpu again(sometime repeat many time) or turn off for long time and turn on again, the monitor able to run

Monitor never blank out(I mean when monitor turn on) even I left cpu on for 1 month, and only turn off power of monitor(other still running), but if I set to stand by mood the problem come again

I did ever try to change the batteries(small, circle, silver thing), but the situation still remain same, cable of monitor I also try before

1 week ago I change the power supply(damage, and replace with other pc power supply but same voltage and model, and able use with other desktop), ram change as well(get from other pc, 2 X 512 to 2 X 1G), video card(also get from other pc but better than mine) and i also add hard disk(same, about 400GB++ space), the situation still remain

All replace component i get from same desktop(let say my pc is A and other pc is B), B motherboard and power supply is same as A, but never blank out

I will show my system list later, I hope someone can help me, I already out of idea and and tired for this problem(although already 8 month already:lol:)

sorry for my poor english if hard to understand :wall:

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