Modify prints per page contact sheet JEFE20061121



The following applies to the photo printing wizard. Is there an easy way to
modify the default 35 prints per page on the contact sheet? As an example,
could it be changed to 15 prints per page?

There are many times that I'd like to have photos about twice the default
size when consulting with others on what photo to use in advertising layouts.

Yves Alarie

No. However you may have software supplied with your camera that can do
this. Look under Help of this software and look for contact sheets but also
look for index sheets. Largest I have with Minolta camera software is twice
the size of the Microsoft wizard and it is under index sheet, not contact

Yves Alarie

Here is a way to do it and get any size you want.
Download the free irfanview software from here (you don't need the

Open irfanview
Click on File and Thumbnails
Open the thumbnails you want
Click on File and Create contact sheets....
You get options window and with a little practice you can get any size you

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