Missing photos and clips in saved movie file?


Lucy Kemp

I previously made a movie using photos on Windows XP but on this occasion
something is going wrong (the movie is 22 mins and made up with photos, music
and one video clip at the end).

When I save the project as a movie and play back everything is fine until,
say, halfway through when the screen goes black but the music continues to
play to the end. I then delete this movie and resave the project as another
movie but the same thing happens only each time I do this the visuals stop in
a different place. It’s impossible to drag the green seek bar across the
screen to the end as it always stops when the photos cease, yet as I say the
music continues. On one occasion the photos came back intermittently.

If it’s of any interest, I have noticed that when it is being saved it does
it at a very slow speed but when the counter displays there’s about 20 mins
left to run it then speeds up extremely fast.

Any help greatly appreciated!!


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