Missing account settings and calendar content after Windows7 upgra



I recently upgraded Windows Vista to Windows7. Due to Vista issues the last
few months, I was not able to install SP1, and hence had to do a "custom"
upgrade to Windows7, which did not preserve any of the Offiice 2007 / Outlook
2007 data. Hence I had to reinstall Office 2007 after the Windows7 upgrade,
and copied the .pst file to the AppData/Local/Microsoft/Outlook folder. I am
able to open Outlook and see Contacts and Mail folders, but none of the
Calendar entries are here nor are the basic account settings. I can manually
add a new account to connect to the ISP's POP3/SMTP server, but do not want
to overwrite something that should be maintained.

I was under the impression that the .pst file would contain the account info
and calendar entries, but that does not seem to be the case. Does anyone
know where this info might be restored? I took a complete backup of the Vista
system prior to the Windows7 upgrade, so should have all configuration
information available there. Any suggestions and guidance welcome.

Roady [MVP]

Calendar items are also stored in the pst-file but account settings are not.
How did you restore the pst-file?
The proper method is to configure Outlook first and then open the pst-file
File-> Open-> Outlook Data File...
After that, you can set it as the default delivery location in your account

For details see;

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