[Minolta/QMS magicolor 6110] output quality like a 24-pin-printer


Torsten Kaiser

Hello NG,

got a really strange problem with a magicolor 6110.

Color-printing in 1200 dpi results in a quality that reminds me of good old
times, using a 24-pin printer: Vertical stripes in the output as if there
were a half-used color tape instead of drums and toners. Form and intensity
of the stripes vary on a multiple printout of the same document, so I
assume the problem can be narrowed down to the peripheral device.

The printer is abt. 2 years old and hasn't been used excessively due to the
low quality output. All consumeables like toner/drumkit, fuser oil etc. get
purchased directly by Minolta, paper is high quality as recommended.
Replacing half-used drumkits by new ones doesn't improve quality enough to
be worth it.

Has someone discovered similar problems, solved them?

Thanks in advance
Torsten Kaiser




I assume when you say "Vertical stripes in the output as........" you mean
vertical as in respect to the printers paper path..

Q: Is this plroblem apearing in one collor ? you could try and exchange that
toner, this is often a problem

If that did not solve the problem you can try the following:

-clean the developer terminals (4 metal stips at the left side of the
printer which make contact with the toners, be carefull not to bend them)
and the metal contact on the left
side of the toner cartrige (MQms had a series on which they applied some
grease...not a great success)
-clean the optical unit (if you're skillfull enough) the polygonic mirror
may be dirty (dust)


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