Minimum references required


Bob Flanagan

When I check references on a number of files, I see all having:

Microsoft Excel 11.0 Object Library
Microsfot Forms 2.0 Object Library
OLE Automation

and some with and some without these references:

Visual Basic for Applications
Refedit Control

And some with a second reference to Microsoft Excel 11.0 Object Library but
in a completely different path

My question: What is the minimum references required? I have found that I
can remove the RefEdit Control reference and the code continues to work

Bob Flanagan


Your references needed are based on the application you are running and, in
the case of VBA, the code you write. If you use code that refers to
Excel4.0, you will need to open that library reference or you will get a
message that the reference cannot be found. I don't know what the minimum
would be, but you will be notified if you don't have enough.

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