Minimum date per month


Conan Kelly

Hello all,

I just can not wrap my head around this.

Imagine this:

A list of prices for 10 products on certain dates (for every date, the price
for each of the 10 products is listed).
Column A = Product
Column B = Date
Column C = Price

In some months, prices are checked only other months, prices
are checked twice.

In column D, I want a formula to list the earliest date in that month that
shows up in the whole list (unsorted list preferred).


using the dates:

would return:
1/5/2007 1/5/2007
2/4/2007 2/4/2007
3/6/2007 3/4/2007
3/4/2007 3/4/2007

For those who know SQL, I would do this in SQL to get the results I'm
looking for:

SELECT Min([Date]) as MinDate
FROM [SomeTable]
GROUP BY Year([Date]), Month([Date])

Then I would use the results from this to join back to [SomeTable] to either
look up or limit my results from [SomeTable].

Thanks for any help anyone can provide,

Conan Kelly

Don Guillett

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