military time conversion hundredths


JD Fields

The problem is our time clocks are in military time(and
frequently go over midnight) so you can not just
subtract time in from time out.

time in - time out = total hours time in and time
out are entered in military time(from the time clock)
ex. 1500-2015=x x=5.25 rather than 5.15
.30 = .50 of an hour
.15 = .25 of an hour etc
I need the total to be in hundredths for accounting as we
then multiply it by the pay scale. Does this make sense -
can you help me please



JohnI in Brisbane


In your original message you had the times formatted as 15:00 & 20:15,
whereas in the last message you had 1500 & 2015.
The format makes a difference to the result. Which format will you be using?
The solutions provided were based on your original format.

Also, are you after the answer in the format - 515 or 5.15 or 5.25 ?

As you say below:- 15 minutes = 0:15 = 0.25 hours.

In your original request you asked for the answer to be in decimal hours,
so I thought you would be after 5.25 (i.e. 5 1/4 hours) or ( 5 hours 15
minutes = 5:15).
If you want hundredths of an hour then 5.25 is correct. Is that what you are
saying below?



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