Migrating Multiple Account Domains into Single Active Directory Domain

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Jeffrey E. Crawford

Hello everyone,

Ok here is our situation we need to consolidate several account domains
from NT into a single AD. The problem we are facing is that, although all
the users are unique, there are several groups that have the same name
across the old account domains that are members of local groups and are
assigned permissions on file and print servers. When a group from one of the
original account domains are migrated, then the users are migrated, no
problem user is a member of that group. Now we come to the second account
domain where there is a group named exactly as a migrated group from the
first account domain. The group can't be migrated because a group of the
same name already exists. (We are not allowed to place a pre or suffix on
the group name). So here comes a user that was a member of that group that
could not be migrated on the second account domain. As the user is migrated,
they are a member of the groups that were successfuly migrated from the
second domain, however they are not members of the groups that were
originally migrated from the first account domain. Other than write a script
to read out all users and their groups and manualy add them to the groups
with the same name, are there any supported solutions to this problem? I
haven't found anything that resembles this on the MS website, newsgroup
searches are not turning up this senario either.




Matjaz Ladava

Group name is just that, a name. You could change group name, migrate it to
your domain and then place this group inside original group thous perserving
all permissions. Later you could decide to move members from renamed group
to the group with the right name. I see this as the only option.


Matjaz Ladava, MCSE (NT4 & 2000)
(e-mail address removed)

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